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Exploring Engineering (E2) Summer Biomedical Engineering Program

Dr. Sun has been chairing and hosting the Biomedical Engineering track of the Explore Engineering (E2) program at UConn for every summer since 2008. The E2 program is a one-week on-campus K-12 outreach program. The program pairs BME graduate and undergraduate students with about 100 top-performing high school juniors from around the northeast region, including many female and underrepresented minority students.  Dr. Sun and his graduate assistants hosted all students in TML, and demonstrated the research results from AHA, CT DPH, NSF and NIH funded projects and some of the latest experimental and computational techniques used to study cardiovascular mechanics. The high school students were given a chance to experience biomedical research in a hands-on setting, performing heart dissections, aortic root inflation tests, residual stress analysis and uniaxial tension tests of candidate implant materials. The students were then exposed to the capabilities of FE modeling as they conducted simulations of both the aortic root inflation test and the uniaxial tension test in ABAQUS. From this experience, the students left with confidence and enthusiasm in their own ability to perform these experiments, as well as knowledge of computer-simulated experiments.  Raising student awareness of these emerging tools allows the next generation of researchers to be prepared to meet future challenges in cardiovascular device design.

E2 Program students (Group A) in front of Engineering Building II, June, 2011

E2 Program students (Group B) in front of Engineering Building II, June, 2011

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2011 YESS Program Poster.

Pictures from previous years: 2010, 2009, 2008.